Education Chose Me

May 11, 2010 purpose3970

My career and educational journey has been characterized by my ability to work well with diverse teams. I seek opportunities to involve others in the decision-making process. This collaboration and communication is what has enabled me to achieve success as an educator. The most valuable resource of any organization are PEOPLE.

As an educator, a life-long learner is an ongoing process where we reflect, collaborate with colleagues, develop a passion to change lives through education. Education chose me; I did not chose education. Nursing was my choice but a fear of blood shattered the dream. However, an inspiration evolved from the shattered experience-an educator because all my life I wanted to help make a difference in someone’s life. Everything people learn is a result of a teacher (with or without certification). Teaching has been one of God’s greatest gift to me because the students turned a light on in my life that continues to shine brighter each day.

When I think about my first class of students (six graders) and the very first day……I was ready to grab my purse and return home crying. Instead, I remembered what my grandmother (may you rest in peace, Nettie Tolliver) told me years ago. Actually, she sung it…this little light of mine….I going to let it shine, let shine it shine, let it shine! Every since then the light has been shining and there has not been a regret but a priceless moment to know that education chose me; it made me a better person. A person who knows the value of people in not only an organization for learning but in any organization especially LIFE.

I would love to read any comments about what was written or any aspect of writing you would like to share on the Purpose3970 Blog. Thanks.


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